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Hair Colouring

Expert Hair Colourist Services in Melbourne

At The Do Salon, every member of our team is a hair colourist expert. We offer a range of specialist hair colour treatments including foil highlights, permanent and semi-permanent tinting, balayage, colour corrections and more. All colouring services are carried out by our team of experienced senior stylists to ensure professional, stylish results. We offer hair colourist and balayage services across the inner-south of Melbourne including St Kilda, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, South Yarra, Albert Park, and Elwood.

Our team of stylists provide full colour consultations before starting, to ensure we select the colour service to best achieve your desired results. We then educate and inform so you know exactly what we will do, how long it will take, what results to expect and what care and maintenance will be required once you leave the salon.

Try Our Balayage Treatments

The French word Balayage translates as “to sweep” or “to paint”. It’s a French hair colouring technique in which the colour is hand painted onto the hair, rather than using foiling or cap techniques. Balayage can be applied on both dark and lighthair and gives a natural blending effect that seamlessly melts from one colour to another. As the colour doesn’t start at the roots, the effect is natural and sun-kissed, yet low maintenance as the colour doesn’t need to be reapplied as regularly as other techniques.

Balayage is popular because it can be used to create a wide range of colour effects. By strategically freehand painting the hair, our team of senior stylists can draw attention to or away from certain features of your face. And because of the hand-applied nature of the technique, you can be sure that no one else has the exact same hair colour as you.

Balayage is also particularly desirable for lovers of on-trend hair styles who prefer minimal hair maintenance or a high contrast of colour. If you’re after expert hair colourist or balayage services in St Kilda, South Yarra, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Albert Park or Elwood, then The Do Salon is for you.

Book Your Hair Colour or Balayage Today

Whether you’re looking for a colour touch-up or a complete transformation, The Do Salon can help. Call us on 03 9534 2522 to discuss your colour requirements or book online today.

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